we offer vinyl and aluminum siding painting

With our professional siding painting, updating your home is a simple, affordable and enjoyable process.

Curious about siding painting? If your vinyl or aluminum siding is sun-faded or chalky, or you want to update the color, it’s time to paint. Call us today and save thousands of dollars and paint your aluminum or vinyl siding rather than replacing it.

Preparation is key when you paint siding.

Vinyl siding requires specialized cleaning and preparation to ensure the longevity of the new paint. We utilize the latest paint coating technology  to provide extremely durable results.

The process of painting siding:

The steps to painting aluminum siding and vinyl siding are similar to other types of exterior painting:

  • The siding is meticulously cleaned to remove dirt, mold, debris, and stains. 
  • Because it’s vulnerable to weather damage, we may recommend some repairs.
  • We ensure the surface is dry before adding the paint color of your choice.

The best way to paint siding is with an airless sprayer that leaves a nice, smooth, factory-type finish of the new color on the siding and prevents any type of brush strokes or roller marks. We exclusively use these airless sprayers to give you flawless vinyl or aluminum painting results. When your aluminum siding needs an update, Creation Painting can prep it and give it a great factory finish that lasts.

Paint your shutters to coordinate with your new house color.

We remove your shutters during the cleaning process, so painting them is a snap, and your color choices are limitless.  If you need help coordinating the color with your siding and/or door, we can help with that too.  We offer a free color consultation at your request with every signed contract.

Are you looking for aluminum painting services to give your house a new look? Call the siding painters at Creation Painting today to schedule a free estimate, or request a free quote by filling out our online form.