Pet Safety and Painting

Our pets are often ready to be involved in whatever activity we have going on. When that activity is painting, pets aren’t always the best addition to the mix. This is true whether you’re doing the painting yourself or you’re having the job done by professionals.

Because pets don’t understand what paint is, they have no problem brushing up against a freshly painted wall or walking through spills around the paint can. The tracks they leave on the carpet afterwards is only cute in the movies! Cleaning paint from carpet is a chore nobody wants to do.

Lots of pets want to be indoors with their family. If you’re planning an interior painting project, you don’t necessarily have to banish your “best friend” to the yard, but you do need to prevent any problems he may inadvertently cause

For some pets, painting means play time. Animals that are active and curious don’t belong in a room where painting is going on. To a playful dog, the handle of a paint brush or a roll of painter’s tape might appear to be a fun toy to grab and run away with.

You don’t want a painted pet either. Some pets, especially cats, rub against the walls out of habit. Others do it accidentally. Whatever the case, removing paint from a pet’s hair isn’t fun and neither is removing hair from freshly painted walls

Another reason to keep the majority of pets out of areas being painted is safety. Painters are very focused when they work, and they move around the work area carrying brushes, rollers and cans of paint. An accident can easily happen if a pet runs under foot. The painter could fall or the pet could be injured or both, which could also create quite a mess.

When you’re doing interior painting, consider these solutions for your pet:

– Put your pet in a closed room that’s not being painted.
– Keep dogs and cats outside if possible
– Enlist friends or family to pet-sit at their home
– Board your pet in a kennel

Creation Painting believes that safety is very important. If you’d like professional help for your interior painting, give us a call at 717 688-8804. We’d love to meet your pet, too, but we don’t need their help!

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