Replace my Cabinets or Paint Them?

paint my cabinets

Updating your kitchen is a great way to modernize it and create a whole new look in one of the most used rooms of your home.  What you choose to do and how much you spend depends on the results you want to achieve. Are you updating to sell?  Are you doing this on a tight budget? Or are you budgeting for your dream kitchen? The answers to these questions will vary and, for most people, it’s about finding the right balance between budget and appearance.

After having done this for over 14 years, Creation Painting believes that painting your cabinets is almost always a great option.   One of the major advantages is the cost savings compared to installing new cabinets or re-facing the existing ones.   The change in appearance from a dark, dated kitchen to a bright new look is stunning.  For a nice finishing touch to complete the new look, the cabinet painting can be combined with new knobs, hinges, and pull handles.

Professional cabinet refinishing by the experts at Creation Painting can literally transform your kitchen, adding a nice clean look and place for family meal-sharing, as well as adding value to your home. There are many other benefits as well, making newly-painted cabinets one of your easiest and most affordable home improvements.
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