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York Wallpaper Removal

Creation Painting Offers Skilled, Efficient Wallpaper Removal Services

Wallpaper Removal Can Be Challenging

Removing wallpaper is tedious work … but our professional York wallpaper removal experts have the patience and experience to ensure your old wall coverings are removed with precision and care.

At first glance you might think that removing wallpaper couldn’t be much trouble. It’s just a simple matter of finding a corner and peeling, right? Not exactly. Without the proper experience and skill, you’ll quickly find the task to be quite exhausting and frustrating.  A professional wallpaper removal company has the skills to make the process efficient without sacrificing attention to detail.

Go With a Wallpaper Removal Pro

Improper removal of wallpaper can cause severe damage to the wall underneath the wall covering, making it even more of a hassle to deal with when it comes time for the interior paint. At Creation Painting, our professional York wallpaper removal contractors know exactly what techniques and tools work best for removing wallpaper in various settings.

Save Your Walls - Wallpaper Removal the Right Way

While getting most of the paper and glue off your walls is sometimes possible, tiny bits are much more difficult to deal with. If you gouge your walls in the process, those mistakes will show after applying new paper or paint. And it’s hard not to scrape or gouge if you’re not experienced. Choosing the right wallpaper removal service ensures you get a fresh start with your walls with less chance of damage.  

We’ll make sure your investment is protected and that the walls beneath the wallpaper are prepped and ready for interior painting (which is something else we can take care of for you).

If you have outdated wallpaper you want removed, contact Creation Painting, your reliable York painting contractor, for our professional wallpaper removal service.

We remove wallpaper in older homes too.

Most older homes have plaster walls. You can count on our painter’s ability to repair any damaged plaster walls as part of their surface preparation before painting.

Creation Painting has earned an outstanding reputation for excellent and efficient wallpaper removal from plaster walls. If there is prior damage to the wall, our painters will repair it completely before a new coat of paint is applied. Only the finest quality paint will be used, and the owner will always be kept aware of our progress and all the details of your project. Our workers will have complete respect for your property and do a thorough clean-up when we’re finished.​

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